My teaching is primarily in the areas of Photography and Sculpture and includes such specific courses as Models and Maquettes, Gallery Studies: Exhibition Installation, Nomad: The Art of Shelters and Personal Vehicles, and Photography and Literature: A Canadian Perspective. In such courses as these I place a high value on the physical side of learning and artistic creation, spending much time with students in our studios. Where possible, I seek to create direct links between research/exhibition practice and student learning with respect to both production and theory. Visual Arts students have been important contributors towards the emerging research climate at TRU have worked as Research Assistants in projects ranging from assistance with my own installation works to their playing a central role in broad-based research projects involving faculty and students from a wide range of academic departments (together with public art galleries and community partners). In addition to students working on projects such as these (variously funded by SSHRC and the BC Arts Council) others have initiated research projects of their own through funding available to them from TRU’s CUEF funds.  TRU offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) and is presently working towards the implementation of Masters-level studies.


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