Visual Arts Production and Exhibition

Through Installation, Sculpture, Photography, Drawing and Models my work explores relationships between personal experiences in the wilderness landscape and where ideas of "wilderness" meet up against urban and contemporary culture. Particular/Current interests include: (underwater) pinhole photography and associated histories of optical invention; journals and mapping; Museums, Dioramas and Collecting (especially the small/personal museum). My own practice and my teaching come together in considering Visual Arts production alongside other areas of academic inquiry.


Interdisciplinary Research

In addition to, and sometimes overlapping my own artistic production much of my research is in the realm of interdisciplinary projects. Such interdisciplinary research has stemmed from team-teaching and the collaborative exhibition/publication project of PhotoGraphic Encounters with W.F. Garrett-Petts. As Principle Researcher of a SSHRC Research/Creation project I am working with an international team of artists/researchers in an investigation of "vernacular based inquiry" - a project that engages a group of Canadian artists in a project setting artistic production alongside academic inquiry. As part of this I have a particular interest in the Personal Museum as a site of vernacular-based inquiry. As a Research Collaborator in a SSHRC CURA  project  I am working with a diverse group of university faculty, students and community partners to consider Kamloops as a place to investigate "The Cultural Future of the Small City".



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