In my exhibition practice I take an interdisciplinary approach to personal interests in the wilderness landscape (especially sea kayaking) and where the idea of “wilderness” meets up against histories of representation (especially histories of illusion, museum display, etc.). Through drawings, models, photography and installation, related projects have included: the design and construction of underwater cameras for use in intertidal and subtidal waters (The Underwater Pinhole Photography Project); the creation of a large diorama based upon a Newfoundland shipwreck site (Torhamvan/Ferryland); the re-imagining of a former lighthouse off the Victoria waterfront (Fiddle Reef, Remembered ); and imagining the now desert-like landscape of Kamloops as a coastal landscape during the Palæozoic era (The Kamloops Archipelago ). My research and teaching is situated within a broader consideration of the meeting place of artistic practice and academic inquiry; I am currently the lead researcher of a SSHRC Research/Creation grant exploring “Vernacular Based Practice in the Visual Arts and the Personal Museum.”

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